Provincial Camping Opportunities

Provincial Camps

Camps sponsored by the Provincial Camping Committee

 Mix-it-Up (A Girl Guide & Girl Scout weekend)

A fun weekend with our neighbours across the border
  2015 dates to be announced early next year!
Participants: Eight girls, two adults
(Guides, Pathfinders, Girl Scout Juniors and/or Cadets)

 Great Opportunities in 2015

Bowron Lakes

The Bowron Lakes chain is one of the most beautiful canoe trips available to BC paddlers. This is an opportunity for third year Pathfinders, Rangers and Guiders to experience wilderness paddling at its best.

Who: 10 girls - 3rd year Pathfinders or Rangers at the time of the trip. 2 selected Guiders
August 4-12, 2015
This 9 day event will include 7 days of paddling the full circuit of 13 lakes, including the necessary portages while enjoying the wilderness of Bowron Lake Provincial Parks and 2 days of travel to and from Quesnel.
Fact Sheet

Island Roam 2015

Come explore the beautifully scenic Vancouver Island with your sisters in Guiding. Come enjoy the blue skies, hike through old-growth forests, smell the clean ocean breeze, learn about First Nations cultures, see world famous murals, and watch goats playing on roofs. Be sure to pack your camera this trip will be filled with great Kodak moments.

Who: 12 girls - 3rd year Guides and 1st year Pathfinders at the time of the trip.1 selected Guider
July 11-19, 2015
A 9 day event travelling and exploring Vancouver Island. Arrival and departure from Victoria.
Fact Sheet


Guider’s Hike
To complete the Adventure Outdoor Activities Leadership Module 8, Guiders must complete at least five nights of expedition tripping in groups facilitated by an expedition leader(s). The five nights must be done over at least two trips and at least one of the trips must be a moving camp of two nights. So, why not start of your adventure to completing Module 8 with a BC Council sponsored hike with Colleen Aven?

Who: 8 Guiders who have started their OAL Adventure training
July 23 – 26, 2015
This 4 day 3 nights backpacking adventure will take place at Mount Revelstoke Provincial Park.
$100 per guider

Trex Rendezvous 2015

An opportunity for girls registered in Trex to come together for a weekend of adventure activities and fun at Camp Jubilee near Deep Cove in Port Moody on the Lower Mainland.
 Patrols of 4 Trex members (age 12 to 17) and 1 Guider

When: May 8-10, 2015
A weekend of meeting new friends and great activities such as kayaking, high ropes, rock climbing, archery, voyageur canoeing, hiking, and orienteering!
$100 per girl
Swim/Boat Test in iMIS by April 2015
Look for the Expression of Interest for patrols in your email inbox in November, 2014!

 Provincial Camp Application Forms

 Ranger Annual Camps

Rangers and Scouts participate in a joint-venture camp to host four annual camps.  These camps have brought Rangers, Venturers and Rovers together for well over 20 years of camping.

Co-ed Camping policy BC Standards Pertaining to Camping (PDF)

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