Volunteer Opportunities

Provincial Volunteer Opportunities

A provincial volunteer works closer with the adults than the girls, contributing to the administrative side of our organization. They have the opportunity to influence the direction of the Girl Guide movement in British Columbia by sharing their knowledge and experience. It’s a rewarding and exciting opportunity for the volunteers who join the provincial level of the Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada (GGC).

SOAR 2020 Responsible Guider and Site Proposal Applications

We are excited to let you know that we are beginning the application process for two very important aspects of SOAR 2020!

SOAR 2020 Responsible Guider:
First, we are pleased to share with you the SOAR 2020 Responsible Guider (RG) application form. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in this position, please be encouraged to apply. The application deadline is June 15, 2018, after which time there will be a selections process led by the PC Team, with a vote held by BC Council in September. We will also be seeking Responsible Guiders-in-training (at a later date) who will learn what is required in order to run an event of this magnitude and who will be mentored by the selected RGs for potential future leadership opportunities at SOAR, or other large events, in the future.

SOAR 2020 Site Proposal:
Second, we are further pleased to share with you the SOAR 2020 site proposal information. Areas are encouraged to consider communities that would be suitable to hold the next SOAR event and are asked to complete the site proposal by September 4, 2018. Once the site proposals are received, a selections process will be initiated by the PC Team and a vote will be held by BC Council to approve the final location in September.

We hope you share in our enthusiasm for SOAR 2020 preparations to get underway and hope to hear from many of you soon with RG and site proposal applications.

BC Public Relations Committee Opportunities (2)

The BC Public Relations Committee is looking for you! The BC PR committee is seeking volunteers for the following positions:

Administrative Coordinator:
Please click the Administrative Coordinator Job Description for more information.

Advertising Coordinator:
Please click the Advertising Coordinator Job Description for more information.

If you have a love of Guiding and a willingness to make a difference, please review the attached position descriptions and APPLY NOW!

Become a member of the BC Awards Committee

What could be more fun than promoting awards and recognition for Guiding members!

The BC Awards Committee has two positions available on their committee. Our goal is to find new volunteers for these positions and allow time for the current volunteers to provide mentoring before the end of their terms. You will have an opportunity to work with enthusiastic and connected committee members.

The first position is Secretary and Communication Coordinator. She is responsible for taking minutes at meetings, managing all documents related to awards, bursaries, grants and scholarships and managing the website content. A working knowledge of Word, Excel and email is necessary.

The second position is Book of Honour Manager. She is responsible for communicating with nominators of this award and managing all documents and processes related to the Book of Honour. Excellent writing skills and working knowledge of Word and email is necessary.

If you are interested in either of these two positions and would like to review the detailed job descriptions please contact awards@bc-girlguides.org.

BC Camping Committee Opportunities

Do you love camping? Then we have the perfect job for you! Come and join the BC Camping Committee. We are always looking for enthusiastic Guiders to help create camping resources and help plan and train for camping events. You are not expected to know all things camping (we do work as a committee) but camping experience and a love for the great outdoors are needed. If you think you can contribute to the committee, please contact camp@bc-girlguides.org.

BC Program Committee - Event Coordinator

This member of the BC Program Committee is responsible for coordinating the logistics of Girl Program events, workshops and conferences, liaising with the Provincial Office, Committee members, participants and presenters.

Needs to be organized
Experience with setting timelines and scheduling
Feels comfortable coordinating communication, paperwork and mechanics with the Provincial Office as well as booking venues and third party providers
Will assist committee members with finding support staff and presenters
Dealing with merchandise orders

Please contact program@bc-girlguides.org for a detailed job description and application form.

BC Program Committee - Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator is a member of the BC Program Committee and is responsible for keeping Area Program Advisers informed, moderating the Program e-group, being website Liaison, publishing FunFinder, preparing agendas and taking minutes at meetings.

An understanding of the editorial and print production processes
Excellent copy-editing and proofreading skills
An understanding of copyright laws
Ability to follow and maintain a style guide in print publications

Please contact program@bc-girlguides.org for a detailed job description and application form.

Pathfinder Lones Guider

The BC Program Committee is looking for dedicated Guiders who would be excited to create a correspondence version of the program to be sent regularly to girls registered in the Lones program. We are currently looking for both a Pathfinder Lones Guider. The successful applicants must be able to creatively adapt the program to work for individuals via correspondence. This could include mailed, emailed, or creative website oriented content.
For more information about the Lones Guider positions, please see “Tips for Running Lones Unit” on MemberZone.

Please complete the application form, and submit it to the email address listed at the bottom of the form.

Volunteer Opportunities

Adult volunteers are always welcome at the local community level. No matter how much time you have to give, Guiding has a place for you to help girls and young women achieve greatness! Join as an adult Member today!
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