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Girl Guide cookies certified Kosher

Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada is thrilled to announce that beginning this spring, our classic chocolate and vanilla cookies will be certified as Kosher. This development is extra ‘sweet’ as it comes as the result of the leadership and initiative of a group of Toronto-area Girl Guides.

When the 613th Units in Thornhill, Ontario got together for their weekly meetings, they faced a unique hurdle. As they meet in a local Synagogue, they could not bring Girl Guide cookies to their meetings as non-Kosher food products were not permitted to be brought inside. The unit wrote to Girl Guides of Canada and asked us to investigate the possibility of making our cookies Kosher.

With the assistance of our baker, Dare Foods Limited, we were able to make it happen. As all of the ingredients in our chocolate and vanilla cookies were already either Kosher certified or deemed Kosher by their nature, we were able to obtain formal certification.

“We are very excited about selling cookies and generating the money we need to offer the full program,” says one of the unit’s leaders, Michelle Nauenberg.

As one of the girls in the unit, Avigail, notes: “It feels like our unit has made a difference!”

Read more in the Winter 2014 issue of Canadian Guider magazine.